Automatic portable pressure calibrator


Manufacturer: Additel

The ADT760 automatic portable pressure calibrator incorporates pressure generation and control in a portable design weighing less than 4 lbs (1.8 kg).
Each ADT760 comes with a calibrated pressure module that covers the entire range and provides 0.02% FS accuracy.

The pressure modules are easy to remove and replace, and Additel offers a full range from 0.25 inH2O (±0.62 mbar) to 300 psi (20 bar).



Additional information

- Built-in pump for fully automatic control & generation - Interchangeable modules - Accuracy up to 0.02%FS - 4 channels - Less than 1.8 kg (4lbs) - Up to 20 bar (300 psi) - Control stability of 0.005%FS of the internal module - Removable pressure modules: - Intelligent pressure modules with all information on calibration and temperature compensation - Two additional measuring channels with ADT160As: - Two independent channels A and B for external measurements; works with any of the ADT160A intelligent pressure modules; split screen is activated when pressure modules are connected; great for data logging or differential pressure measurement - Process functionality: - Electronics for ±30 mA and ±30 V measurement; mA source up to 24 mA and 24V supply; switch test capabilities; hard communication (optional); task functions (optional) '- Optional: Any configuration ordered with a "-DL" at the end of the module comes with data logging of up to 1 million date and time stamped measurements, with HART communication and task programs


Accredited calibration of the Additel 760 according to DKD-R 6-1 in the entire range

• Details see accreditation certificate

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