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The main task of imetrologie is to provide practice-oriented knowledge management.

We provide technical support, whether by telephone, in context of visiting appointments or in the form of seminars and workshops.

Possible Questions:

Standards / test  equipment
Qualification of standards and test equipment

  • Which test equipment / standard fulfilly my measuring task?
  • Evaluation: economic efficiency and accuracy
  • Functionality, standards, response times, metrological basics
  • Long-term stability, drift, hysteresis, contamination and oxidation
  • Calibration uncertainty, recalibration period, intermediate tests, proficiency tests
  • Recognition of factory calibration certificates and DAkkS calibration certificates

Accreditation according to DIN EN ISO / IEC 17025:2018
Initial application or extension of your company's accreditation

  • What budget do you have to plan for accreditation?
  • What are the requirements for:
    • Personnel, qualification, training, competence assessment
    • Premises: Laboratory and on-site, environmental conditions, cross-contamination
    • Technical equipment conditions, standards, measuring equipment
    • Metrological traceability, proficiency tests, intermediate tests
  • Preparation of documents:
    • System-related documents (responsibilities, quality management, review, audit)
    • Technical documents (procedures, instructions, metrological traceability)
  • Measurement uncertainty balance
    • Creation of the mathematical model
    • Determination of input variables and metrological influences

We provide answers to individual questions up to the complete realization of your accreditation as an all-round carefree package.

Scope, application and interpretation

  • Management systems (DIN EN ISO / IEC 17025, ISO 9000)
  • Product standards
    • Temperature (IEC 751, IEC 584)
    • Materials testing machines (DIN EN ISO 7500-1, DIN EN ISO 9513)
  • Process standards (CQI-9, AMS 2750E)

Procurement, development, repair, calibration, linearization and optimization (adjustment)

  • Resistance thermometers, SPRT, thermocouples, compensating cables
  • Dry well calibrators, calibration baths, fixed point cells, heat pipes, calibration furnaces
  • Resistance measuring bridges, temperature measuring instruments with resolution
  • Data loggers for temperature, relative humidity, pressure
  • Piston manometers, pressure controllers, manometers, miniscopes
  • Capacitive sensors, dew point mirrors, psychrometers
  • Climatic cabinets, heating cabinets, temperature control devices
  • Digital multimeters, calibrators, simulators, resistance decades
  • Material testing machines (tensile force, compressive force)

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