Calibrations in the pressure range from -1 bar to 1500 bar

Range of services

We perform DAkkS calibrations for you in our laboratory or on site. We are happy to support you in the selection of suitable pressure measuring systems (piston manometer, controller, data logger, manometer, …) and advice you independently of the manufacturer.

In addition to the construction of customer-specific measuring stations, you will also find adjustments, maintenance and repairs of pressure measuring instruments in our portfolio.

You want to strengthen your team with know-how? Then book one of our training courses, e.g. on the subject of "Basics of pressure measurement technology and calibration guidelines”.

Calibration items

For the measurand pressure we offer the following calibration service - other measuring equipment on request:

  • Controllers, indicating systems, DKD-R 6-1, DIN EN 837
  • Electrical pressure sensors, DKD-R 6-1, DIN EN 837
  • Data logger, DKD-R 6-1, DIN EN 837
  • Piston manometer, EURAMET cg-3
  • Pressure gauges, DKD-R 6-1, DIN EN 837
  • Miniscopes, DKD-R 6-1, DIN EN 837
  • Calibrators
  • Maintenance
  • On-site calibration

Services for pressure

Piston manometers, pressure-controllers, pressure gauges (digital, analog), miniscopes and much more!

Products for pressure

Unsure which pressure measuring system is suitable for you? We will be happy to provide you with neutral advice on the suitable product.