Calibrations from 5 % to 98 % r.h. at a temperature from 5 °C to 95 °C

Range of services

Water is a component of air. The amount of water vapor that the atmosphere can absorb is largely dependent on the air temperature. In humidity generators (two-pressure method), we calibrate humidity measurement systems with uncertainties of at least 0.17 % relative humidity and dew point temperatures with an uncertainty of at least 65 millikelvin.

Calibration items

In our humidity generators (two-pressure method) we calibrate the following humidity measuring systems:

  • Humidity sensor / hygrometer
  • Dew point mirror
  • Psychrometer
  • Climate Chambers
  • Data loggers for humidity and temperature
  • Transmitter

Services for humidity

Measuring instruments for absolute humidity, measuring variable for relative humidity, dew point measuring instruments, hygrometers, humidity generators and calibrators, climate chambers (humidity) and much more!

Products for humidity

As a metrological service company, we have gained experience across a wide range of measurement systems. We are happy to pass on this experience to our customers and also act as a system supplier for almost all manufacturers.