Calibrations in the temperature range from -200 °C to 1400 °C

Range of services

The calibration of temperature measuring systems is carried out in our temperature laboratory by means of the procedures comparative measurement and fixed point calibration. Optionally we offer an adjustment (1-point, 2-point and multi-point adjustment) of the measuring equipment as well as a determination of a characteristic curve approximation and a determination of individual characteristic curve constants.

Calibration items

The following calibration items of the measurand temperature are calibrated at imetrologie:

  • Resistance thermometers at SPRT fixed points, Supplementary Information (ITS-90)
  • Resistance thermometers, comparative measurement (-196 °C to 960 °C) according to DKD-R 5-1
  • Thermocouples, DKD-R 5-3
  • Temperature measuring devices, DKD-R 5-1 / DKD-R 5-3
  • Data logger, DKD-R 5-1 / DKD-R 5-3
  • Temperature indicators and simulators, DKD-R 5-5
  • Dry well calibrators, DKD-R 5-4
  • Glass thermometers, PTB 14-01
  • Climate chambers, DKD-R 5-7
  • Characteristic curve approximation, DKD-R 5-6
  • Temperature fixed point cells
  • Surface thermometers

Are you looking for the suitable calibration device?

We will be happy to advise you idependently of the manufacturer and suplly you with the suitable measuring system.

Services for temperature

Resistance thermometers, thermocouples, thermocouples, direct reading thermometers
Temperature transmitters, data loggers, temperature fixed point cells, liquid glass thermometers, temperature block calibrators, climate chambers (temperature) and much more!

Products for temperature

As a metrological service company, we have gained experience across a wide range of measurement systems. We are happy to pass this experience on to our customers and also act as a system supplier for almost all manufacturers.