System Supplier for Measurement and Calibraton Systems

As a metrological service company, we have gained experience over a wide range of measurement and calibration systems. We are happy to pass on this experience to our customers and act as a neutral system supplier. As a partner of industry and science we have a very effective network and act interdisciplinary. This network extends from almost all manufacturers of sensor and measurement systems to many service providers of accredited calibration and testing laboratories, technical universities and national metrology institutes.

We see it as our main task to improve the quality of products and processes. Our highly specialized staff offers solutions for sensors, processes and procedures and creates customized solutions for:

  • Complete calibration systems
  • High-end calibration systems
  • Process measuring instruments
  • Dew point mirrors
  • Psychrometers & Hygrometers
  • Calibrators & Controllers
  • Data Loggers & Transmitters
  • Sensors (digital, analog)
  • Material testing machines(tensile force, compression force, length, hardness)
  • and much more.