Proficiency Testing


Proficiency testings are required by the Deutschen Akkreditierungsstelle (DAkkS) as part of an accreditation for calibration laboratories and represent an important element in ensuring the validity of results in the quality management of a laboratory operation.

We are accredited as a provider of proficiency testing in accordance with the DIN EN ISO/IEC 17043 standard and perform customized bilateral comparisons on request for almost all methods of the measurands temperature, humidity and pressure.

Subject area

Measured variable

Calibration object


Proficieny testing program


Standard platinum resistance thermometer

at fixed points of ITS-90

Proficiency testing programs are carried out on request

Direct reading thermometers
Resistance thermometers
Temperature dry well calibrators
Semiconductor sensors
Mechanical thermometers
Air temperature sensors
Simulators and indicators

Comparison method

Thermometer characteristics


relative humidity
Hygrometers, psychrometers

Comparison method

Climate chambers

absolute humidity
dew point mirror

Absolute method


Absolut pressure/overpressure

pressure medium gas und oil

Proficiency tests can be requested at any time as bilateral comparisons and can be carried out at short notice. Interlaboratory comparisons with several participants are planned via proficiency testing programs and realized with the involvement of all participants concerned. Due to the high number of participating laboratories, the statistical basis of an interlaboratory comparison is even more meaningful than is possible with a bilateral comparison.

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What are proficiency testings and according to which standard do they take place?

Learn more in the article from the DAkkS (Deutsche Akkreditierungsstelle).