Seminar Humidity

Measured variable humidity, relative and absolute

Target group

  • Employees of calibration laboratories
  • Employees of testing laboratories
  • Persons responsible for processes


  • Basis: Calibration guideline Calibration of humidity meters according to DKD-R 5-8
  • Physical basics of humidity measurement technology
  • Functionality of capacitive sensors, psychrometers and dew point mirrors
  • Qualification of climatic chambers and humidity generators
  • Application of the guideline DKD-R 5-8 Calibration of humidity measuring instruments according to DKD-R 5-8
  • Metrological influences
    • Standard measuring equipment
    • Measurement setup
    • Repeatability
    • Hysteresis
  • Measurement uncertainty balance
    • Basics (normal distribution, rectangular distribution)
    • Modeling
    • Normal measurement equipment (calibration uncertainty, drift estimation)
    • Calibration object (measurement, repeatability, hysteresis)
    • Specification of the complete measurement result (k-factor)
  • Result reports and calibration certificates


  • Measurement of humidity sensors by training participants
  • Discussion of the measurement setup and the result
  • Generation of a measurement uncertainty balance

Aim of our training

  • Acquisition of basic knowledge of humidity measurement technology
  • Deepening your knowledge of humidityy measurement technology