Portable High Pressure Case


Manufacturer: Minerva

The built-in high pressure gas storage system is filled through the appropriate connection. Three separate monitor gauges are mounted to indicate storage system pressure, regulated pressure and pressure at test ports. The maximum test pressure is set using the supply regulator. The test pressure at the two test connections is precisely controlled by two fine metering needle valves and the pressure balanced volume adjuster.

The portable high-pressure caise is availalbe in different variants:

  • MNR 300 – AD672/681 (Ex)
  • MNR 300 – CAXP2 (Ex)
  • MNR 300 – FL2700G/700G
  • MNR 350 – BMC5/6 (Ex)
  • MNR 350 – FL72x
  • MNR 350 – G620

Additional information

  • Supports pressure ranges with from 0...7/...200 bar
  • Simple, compact and easy to operate
  • Pressure Accuracy to 0.02 %FS
  • Built-in refillable 28 MPa storage tanks for pressure supply
  • Precise test pressure control using a pressure balanced volume controller
  • Protected against overpressure
  • Three analogue pressure gauges for monitoring pressure in storage system, regulated supply pressure and pressure at test ports
  • Two test ports
  • 316 SS high pressure tubing and fittings


Accredited calibration to DKD-R 6-1 in the entire range

• Details see accreditation certificate

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