Dual Channel Reference Thermometer by Additel


Manufacturer: Additel

ADT282 is a dual-channel reference thermometer readout.
The instrument is developed for field use -of course, it can be used in laboratories, too- and gives you the opportunity to measure to measure RTD and thermocouple signals.
When measuring thermocouples the user can select the cold junction (internal/external/manual).
The integrated data logging function makes it possible to save measured values.
The intuitive smartphone like user interface makes it easy to use.


Technical Informations

  • Measuring and storing of temperature signals
  • Smartphone like user interfac makes it easy to use
  • Integrated data logging function
  • Input channels for RTD’s and thermocouples
  • Built-in sensor library for RTD’s
  • Protection class IP67
  • Handy format (177x105x52 mm) and light weight (650 g)
  • Bluetooth- and USB-communication

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